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Case studies of some of the intresting projects I have worked on in a variety of settings, including companies and personal projects

Redesigning Network Planning App

·1500 words·8 mins
WAE (WAN Automation Engine) is a network analysis app. Used by internet service provider to run a outage free network. The tool helps to simulate the traffic with actual data, forecast issues, and suggest optimisation methods.

Improvising device onboarding experience

·1169 words·6 mins
CrossWorks is Traffic engineering tool for internet service providers. It helps them to optimize their speed and to offer new services, within the available infrastructure.

Designing workbench for tech support

·815 words·4 mins
Extensive research was carried out, within the available resources to design a workbench for tech support engineers, which helps them to manage their cases more effectively.

Smart Remote Application for TV SetTop Box

·748 words·4 mins
A mobile app which enhances the watching experience for Set-top box. Which includes features like Program Guide, Live Polling, Comments, TV Controls etc.

IoT based visitor Tracking Application

·1059 words·5 mins
How about a google analytics like tool to track visitors on a physical store? Based on the customer moment various metrics are tracked for the betterment of customer experience.